Preferred Partners

In our business there are some truly gifted and exceptional artists and content providers amongst a sea of some that aren't so gifted or exceptional. When we come accross an artist or firm that offers fantastic work, a fair price, and very satisfied clients, it's necessary to recognize their efforts. Below you will find a short list of individuals and firms that we've worked with first hand and that we're proud to recommend for your consideration. A few may have even been so kind as to provide us with a brief write up of their offerings that we can share with you.

Website Design

Social Media 411

Patrick Flynn

At the Social Media 411, we offer you more! From the ground up, we'll help you design and implement everything you need to make your business flourish! From web and blog design to Social Media integration all the way to CRM Email systems and Search Engine Optimization...we have the 411 on Social Media!

Backus Marketing & Design

Jason Backus

Located in Moses Lake, WA, Jason has created some fantasic work for several of our clients and they have reported to us that they couldn't be more satisfied.

Video/Audio Production

Total Broadcasting Service

Michael Schuett

As a real estate professional you must have customers in order to serve and make a living. In the 21st Century that means you need a presence on the internet.

The best way to get customers is to meet them, shake their hands and let them experience the uniqueness that is you; your professionalism, know-how, charm. If you can’t meet them face to face the next best alternative is video.

Total Broadcasting Service offers real estate professionals the best and most necessary marketing tool of our time affordably and professionally. Why do amateur videos that diminish how you present yourself, or pay for 1 or 2 limited expensive videos? We’ll give you 13 in a year; customized for you, featuring you, and educating your future customers on important real estate industry subjects.

We’ll also use our SEO expertise when we upload your videos each month to YouTube and Facebook, two of the most popular sites on the internet. Your customers will never again have difficulty finding you in a search or seeing and hearing your positive qualities, which remain hidden in mere text or photographs.

Recognizing that your marketing dollars are hard earned and limited we’ve developed our video service so that after an initial small down payment you are subscribed for less than $100 per month. Our full- package service will cost you less than $2000, spread over 12 months, and solve all your problems of being found on the internet.

For a free consultation of your internet marketing needs please call the professionals at Total Broadcasting Service: 425-687-0100.