We're Wordpress Ready... Joomla and Drupal, too!

What is Wordpress?

Wordpress Logo

Wordpress is an extremely popular website and blog platform that is supported by a large community due to its simplicity to use and customize. We have tested each one of our IDX Suite components to be fully compatible with the Wordpress platform, including fullly SEO indexable listing pages, and adding our products to a Wordpress site is virtually effortless.

As time progresses, we'll also add additional functionality to the IDX platform that is written specifically to be intergrated in to Wordpress that will help you to take advantage of native features and plugins. Be sure to 'like' our Facebook group in order to stay current on new features and service enhancements the moment that they become available.

The IDXNW Wordpress Plugin

IDX Northwest has developed our own plugin for Wordpress that natively integrates our most popular features through shortcodes directly in to your website. There are also many Wordpress specific features that are available only through our plugin, so if you already have a Wordpress website then login to your site's admin panel, navigate to the Plugins > Add Plugin page, enter "idx northwest" in to the search box, and you're ready to install. Our plugin features a built-in step-by-step installation guide and full documentation on each and every feature, so give it a try!

You can download and install our plugin through the Wordpress admin panel's "Plugins > Add Plugin" function and searching for "idx northwest", or by visiting http://wordpress.org/plugins/idx-northwest-real-estate-search-platform/.

Wordpress is Only the Beginning

We don't stop with Wordpress, either. We've also tested our products to be fully compatible with both the popular Joomla and Drupal platforms, too!

Check it Out

Check out our Wordpress-based website and blog demo to see our products in action on a live site at http://demosite.idxnw.com. We offer this powerful pre-populated theme to our clients as a starting point that's ready for your personalization at no additional charge for those that choose annual billing -- the hosting, too!

Some Light Reading

While IDXNW prides itself on world-class support for our products, administration and customization of the complimentary Wordpress website and blog is supported only by the Wordpress community-at-large, by third-party developers that you may choose to hire separately, or you may purchase Wordpress support from IDXNW at our standard development/consultation rate.

The Wordpress platform is not only among the most powerful website and blog platforms available, but it's also among the easiest to both use and manage. If you have a solid grasp of products like Microsoft Office and other similar products then the learning curve for the Wordpress interface should be low.

If you're new to Wordpress, or websites and blogs in general, then we highly recommend you consider purchasing a book to assist you and you'll find those that we've found are among the best for novice through intermediate-level users in the convenient Amazon.com box below. The Wordpress documentation is also a wonderful source that's available to you at any time.