A Powerful Foundation

The advanced search is one of the core functions of our IDX Suite and offers the most flexibility through the API platform to return relevant listings. Using either the standard display style, the consensed view that allows a greater number of listings to appear per page, or the gallery view that allows visitors to browse by large listing photos, there's a style suitable for everybody.

Total Control

Using the API you can enable or disable various parts of the search display, such as the listing cateogry tabs and popular search options, and set the advanced search to show only active listings, sold listings, or just your listings or the listings of your entire office/brokerage. Take things a step further by using the API to set the results to only show the listings of a specific address or set of addresses (which is ideal for high-rise condos where you can create a website page for each building), or set it to return virtually any combination of listing criteria for targeted results. The only limits are your imagination and the current property inventory.

Many of our clients create many niche pages throughout their sites -- say one for houseboats, one for new construction, one for waterfront homes, etc. -- and then using the API they'll insert a page of listing results that only display those type of properties.

Email Updates and Saved Searches

website visitors can also quickly create an account on your site's IDX and save specific searches for proprety types and criteria that they're interested in for easy access on their next visit. Many also convert those saved searches in to email updates which means they'll receive an email whenever, usually daily, with new or updated properties that meet the criteria that they've set. This email update is prominently branded to you and each one links back to your site to actively engage the consumer.

As the IDXNW client, each website user that creates an account appears in the IDX back office adminstation panel which allows you to monitor what properties that the website user is currently watching or has watched in the past, what saved searches they've configured and which that they're receiving email updates on. Several clients even take care of signing up their clients themselves, loading their cart with saved searches that match what they're looking for, and keep control of what properties the consumers see. You have the control to do it however you want to!