IDX Northwest has ceased operations effective immediately.

IDX Northwest's technology and source code are being prepared for release to the public as a totally free, open-sourced project which will allow brokers or brokerages to be their own IDX provider and completely eliminate the need for the costly monthly expense of third-party services in the NWMLS market. This offering will feature a simple single-click install, will be supported by the public developer community to make it more robust as development progresses, and it will run on virtually all major web providers that offer Windows-based hosting and SQL Server access, including GoDaddy and Bluehost. Once released, you'll be able to simply upload it, run a configuration script to setup the database and photo archive structure, type in your login credentials (which would be obtained directly from the NWMLS) for the data feeds and it will update itself automatically every hour with the latest listing data and photos. Look for this market shattering release sometime in the first quarter of 2016 on GitHub!

It has been our sincere pleasure to serve you and we wish you the very best, good health and happiness, and prosperity for the future. Always follow your passion. Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did IDXNW cease operations?

A: Despite rumors to the contrary (largely by an insignificant former competitor whose appalling attitude is the sole reason why IDXNW came in to being in the first place), IDXNW ceased operations because it wasn't fair to anyone -- especially the clients -- to continue investing time and energy in an effort that no longer fostered passion in, or even held the interest of, those involved. A decade of success was a great run for a less-than-part-time hobby and much bigger and far more exicing things are on the horizon.

Q: Are you interested in selling your technology before it goes open source?

A: Never say never, so make an offer, because the clock is ticking until it goes open source and causes a significant loss in revenue for the industry, or gives an enterprising effort an exclusive leg up in their own endeavors. Postal mail forwarding also doesn't last forever, so offer up quickly and make it a good one.

Q: Why do you intend to open-source the technology?

A: Why should someone pay for IDX service when the community of users can drive innovation in the field itself if it wants to and at far less cost and with a nearly infinate amount of control? All that's needed is for someone that has already done the heavy lifting, and did it quite successfully, to provide the tools to jumpstart a self-sufficient community that eliminates the need of a middle man. A lot of effort has gone in to the code and it would be a shame for it to rot on the digital vine when it could be used to radically shift the industry in the consumer's favor, especially when dealing with the NWMLS' monopoly which they know only too well that they control. Remind them who they work for and be your own service provider!

Q: I cannot wait for your open source solution. Who do you recommend as an IDX provider?

A: We don't recall ever hearing a bad word said to us about Cevado, even from past clients that came to us from them, so they have our confidence for a basic and effective solution. We don't recall ever hearing a good word said to us about "the dog," especially from past clients that came to us from them, so set your due diligence to maximum and make a fully informed decision before proceeding. The remaining options are rather average either way, so whatever you find most appealing for your needs.