IDX Northwest has ceased operations effective immediately.  The system will continue to update normally and remain available through midnight of October 31st to allow clients to make other arrangements.  Once the network is taken offline then all websites will be permanently erased and no extensions are possible, so time is of the essence.

The final credit card processing for clients on monthly billing occurred on September 28th for services rendered in the month of September. Those with outstanding balances can expect to receive a final bill in due course by registered mail to the address of their brokerage. Final bills must be settled in full within fifteen (15) days of mailing to avoid referral of the account to collections.

The company has filed for discharge of any liabilities with the United States Bankruptcy Court as a formality of the cessation of operations.  If you are affected then you will receive notification from the court in due course.

It has been our sincere pleasure to serve you and we wish you the very best, good health and happiness, and prosperity for the future.  Thank you.